Monday, July 15, 2013

Off Season Fun 2012-2013: Fashion Review - Free Skate

Off Season Fun pushes onward!  Now it’s time to take a look at my favorite Free Skate dresses from the 2012-2013 season…

5. Zijun Li: “Sleeping Beauty”

Zijun was a “Skating Beauty” in this lovely number.  The soft pink color looked so beautiful on her and, as always, it’s the details that make this one special.  I thought Mao Asada killed my love of boobie-roses, but Zijun had a nice balance of jeweled flowers and blank space on the bust of this dress.  It was pretty without being overpowering or too busy.  I loved how the crystal elements created a corset-like effect and that the color was slightly darker than the rest of the dress.  The layered skirt was scalloped and flowed beautifully and I loved the sparkly flesh colored sleeves.  I thought the look matched her program and skating perfectly: delicate, light and flowy…just like Zijun. 

4.  Ashley Wagner: “Samson & Delilah”

It took her a bit of tweaking but eventually she got it just right.  I like that Ashley went the bold color route with this dress.  The majority of Ashley's dresses have a sweetheart neckline and I love it because it looks great on her.  I liked the halter at the center of the bust and the way it attached at the back.  Most of Ashley’s dresses are intricately embellished and this one was no different.  Everything from the bodice to the asymmetric skirt to the “necklace” had some kind of jewel on it but it wasn’t excessive and it worked really well together.  I thought she pulled off the whole look perfectly and I commend her for stepping outside of the usual shades of purple and blue dresses we see for programs with this theme.  Way to go Miss Swagner!

3. Adelina Sotnikova: “Burlesque”

I wasn’t crazy about her program but I totally dug this dress.  I thought the flesh color underneath the navy blue sheer fabric was a little risque and the uniform crystals all over added that extra sparkle.  The embellishments around the cuffs and the neck were nice and I liked the way the neckline wrapped around into a deep V-shape in the back.  I’m not usually a fan of feathered or fringed skirts; funny enough I loved this feather-fringed skirt! I thought it worked really well with the rest of the dress.  Again Miss Sotnikova has the leg lines to pull off the OTB tights but I really hope she ditches the gloves…and soon.  Overall though, Adelina looked fabulous!

2. Mao Asada: “Swan Lake”

When it comes to Mao, my motto is always less is more.  Sartorially, she went through a very dark period under Tarasova where nearly everything she wore was tacky and/or overdone.  Thankfully Mao has emerged from the dark side and, other than a few mishaps, has found her fashion stride.  This dress was one of two she wore for her FS this year and it is my favorite by far.  Again, simplicity is key.  The neckline and back were V-shaped with shades of gray and white and very reminiscent of most Swan Lake costumes.  From far away it was lovely but up close, where you can see the sparkle of all of the elements, was simply stunning!  There were bigger crystals and smaller ones that added the perfect amount of glitz.  I love that they added the feather designs on the wrists as well; it balanced out the entire look.  The cut and layers of the skirt were gorgeous and she tied it all together with soft makeup and a classic bun.  One thing I liked was that the dress invoked the look of feathers without resorting to using actual feathers…unfortunately they didn’t stick to that formula for the second dress but it didn't matter...  This dress was perfect and Mao looked elegant and beautiful.

1. Akiko Suzuki: “O”

Obviously, Akiko wins best FS dress of the season.  Actually, I would like to amend that…best FS dress of the last four years!  Probably farther back than that!  This was perfection.  The color was so beautiful on her and I adore the sequined peacock feathers on the bodice as well as the incorporation of actual peacock feathers.  Even though the bodice was gorgeous, a basic boring layered skirt would have lessened the overall effect of this dress.  Thankfully, the elaborate attention to detail went all the way to the end.  The asymmetric skirt was layered and draped and even had crystal elements on the hem.  Akiko’s makeup was flawless and her hair (including the feathered hair piece) was lovely… it tied the entire look together and the overall effect was jaw-dropping.   Whoever designed and produced this dress deserves a gold medal, a plaque and a parade.  This is a masterpiece and Akiko looked absolutely stunning in it.

Honorable Mention

Ksenia Makarova: “Megapolis”

I really liked this dress.  The color was beautiful and I liked the cutouts on the torso.  The one elaborately embellished sleeve was very interesting and different and added a nice effect to the overall look.  I thought she looked very lovely…minus that hip pad thingy she wore.

So what do you think?  Agree or disagree?  Make sure to vote on the poll!  More Off Season Fun to follow…

Ta for now!  

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