Monday, July 8, 2013

Off Season Fun: 2012-2013 Fashion Review - Short Program

I’m back! Yes, I can hear the cheers and thank you, I missed you all too…

Anyhoo, as promised, it’s time for Off Season Fun! I’m going to start with my 2nd annual Fashion Review.  First up, the Short Program…here we go!

5. Elene Gedevanishvili: “Schindler’s List”

Elene is busty which isn’t that common in figure skating. I think a lot of her dresses don’t flatter her shape the way they should; they do little to minimize her ta-tas, though I doubt the male judges have any complaints. I thought this dress was the perfect complement to Elene’s newer svelte body. I loved the ombre effect of the gray and white as well as the simple detailing along the neckline and cuffs of the sleeves. The back of the dress was beautiful and added the right amount of glitz to this toned down and subtle look. Most of Elene’s dresses are more flash and bang but I thought this look was very elegant and beautiful.

4. Adelina Sotnikova: “Capriccio Espanol”

Adelina pulled this one off. I’m not a fan of the flesh-colored gloves (who said that was a good idea?) but the rest of it worked well. The embellished cutouts in the front were a little daring but the effect was really nice and I loved the V-shaped cutout in the back as well. I thought the asymmetric skirt was a good length and the flower in the hair really tied the whole Spanish-theme together. Adelina is one of the few people who get a pass on OTB tights with me simply because her leg lines are so extended and gorgeous that her feet never look clunky. Overall, this was a great look for her.

3. Carolina Kostner: “Transylvanian Lullaby”

Carolina’s balletic proportions make her look good in almost anything, so it’s not surprising this simple sweetheart neckline halter dress looked great on her. What really made this one stand out for me is all of the details. The bodice was embellished with Swarovski elements that sparkled like crazy in the right light and made the whole dress shimmer. I also loved the different colored layers of the skirt; the lavender on top and teal-ish blue color underneath looked beautiful and really added something different to this dress. The white and red dress was okay (I hated the creepy hands on the hips) but this was my favorite Short Program look for Carolina this year.

2. Akiko Suzuki: “Kill Bill” 

Miss Suzuki sold me on this entire package. I thought her ensemble illustrated the theme and feel of the program really well. I loved the high collar, the plunging V-neckline and the open back as well as the split in the skirt. That little splash of yellow on the underside was brilliant! The coolest thing was the fabric had a leather texture and the bedazzled accents looked like silver studs…studded leather! Effin' genius!! The finger-less gloves complemented this look perfectly and gave it the right amount of edge and awesomeness. Needless to say Akiko looked like a total badass.

1. Yu-Na Kim: “Kiss of the Vampire”

I wasn’t a fan of Yu-Na’s program but I really liked her dress. I loved the ombre effect but I’m not really sure what the color was; it looked periwinkle in some pictures and then more periwinkle-gray in others…whatever it was I thought it looked lovely, especially against Yu-Na’s skin tone. What set this look off was all of the elements on the bodice: multiple colors zigzagged horizontally almost forming a pattern but not really. I also liked the maroon accents which I assume may have been meant to symbolize blood…it is a vampire theme you know. My favorite thing was the interesting way the detailing of the neckline flowed into a deep V-shape in the back. I do wish she’d ditch those OTB tights (her feet are clunky enough without drawing attention to them) but overall I thought she looked amazing.

 Honorable Mention 

Christina Gao: “Close Without Touching”

Christina really improved her look this season and this dress definitely helped. I thought the dark violet color looked really beautiful on her and I loved the sheer sleeves. I liked the way the neckline cut at an angle to the shoulder as well as the simple flower details down the side. She looked very mature and elegant.

Kanako Murakami: “Prayer for Taylor”

The shades of green and yellow against the white of the dress stood out. I liked the designs on the bodice and I even dug the cutout on the hip! The dress flowed very nicely and complemented the music and program very well.  I thought she looked lovely.

So those are my favorite Short Program looks of the season. Who do you think deserves top honors? Make sure to vote on the poll! Up next, Free Skate fashion…

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