Friday, August 23, 2013

Off Season Fun: A 2012-2013 Season Photo Album

A picture is usually worth a thousand words, but I'm going to keep it much shorter than that.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the 2012-2013 season:

This picture is proof that Yu-Na Kim can even amaze herself!

Yeah, some people thought it was too much but personally, I loved Carolina Kostner's voidy and over-dramatic moments.

I was a huge fan of throwback Mao Asada.  We haven't seen her look this happy and joyful in a very long time.

Ashley Wagner rocked the hell outta the beginning of the season.  After the GP she lost a little bit of her swag...

But no worries! Miss Swagner was back on her game by the end of the season.

I love how happy Kanako Murakami gets after a great performance.  Her excitement is totally infectious!

Akiko Suzuki delivered a beautiful FS at NHK Trophy and even though she didn't win, this was an absolutely beautiful moment.

Without a doubt, this was the most emotion Gracie Gold showed on the ice all season long...

Zijun Li's face was priceless when her FS score came up at worlds this year.

I am a reformed "Bolero" hater thanks to the brilliance of Carolina Kostner.

Elena Radionova slayed the competition on the junior level! She was undefeated last year.

We saw a glimpse of that old Mirai Nagasu that captivated the world back in 2010. Hopefully she'll be back...

Julia Lipnitskaya is hella scary when she doesn't like her scores.  Yikes!

Seriously though, how adorable is Kanako?  

For the record, Gracie was not impressed with the results at this year's nationals.

It sucks to have a nosebleed during a performance but Carolina managed to plug her nose and still get a level 4 on her camel spin.

I loved this move in Akiko's "Kill Bill" SP...and the audience loved it too!

Adelina Sotnikova and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva had some rough times this season, but their silver and bronze medal finishes at Europeans were a highlight.

I really loved Mao's "Mary Poppins" exhibition. It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

This was a really beautiful moment in Yu-Na's "Les Mis" FS. Full commitment to the choreography and music...gotta love that.

And finally, The Big Three (aka Yu-Na, Carolina and Mao) have set the stage for next season...and I can't wait to see it play out!

That's it for Off Season Fun!  Thanks to the anonymous poster who suggested I post a bunch of gif images.  I totally wanted to do that but I didn't have enough time to hunt them down, so I figured pictures would be an acceptable alternative.  

The JGP kicks off next week with JGP Latvia and the debut of Karen Chen (I love her!).  I'm hoping the ISU will post videos on their YouTube page like they've done for the past two seasons, that way I'll be able to watch the competition and post a review.  I covered all of the events last season and it's my goal to do it again this year.

Stay tuned!

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  1. These pictures are really high quality. Where did you get them? Is there a mother lode of beautiful skating pictures?