Thursday, July 3, 2014

Off Season Fun 2013-2014: Fashion Review - Free Skate

The Off Season Fun Fashion Review continues!  Time for my favorite Free Skate looks from the  2013-2014 season...

5. Samantha Cesario: "Carmen"

I really liked this dress on Samantha.  I think it tied in very well to her "Carmen" program.  This one was all about the details on the bodice.  The flesh tone color with the mesh overlay and all of the jeweled designs created a really nice and unique effect that flowed from the bodice down to the skirt.  I loved the open back and the asymmetrical layers of the skirt moved really well.  The dark red lip was gorgeous as was the rest of her makeup, and I loved the rose in the hair; it was the perfect splash of color and helped to tie the theme together.  She looked super fierce and fabulous.

4. Gracie Gold: "Sleeping Beauty"

Frank Carroll's "Operation: Ice Princess" makeover for Gracie extended to the FS as well.  I loved the color and the ombre effect was nice; the sweetheart neckline and detailing were pretty; I liked the sleeves and the detailing on the wrists; and even the jeweled collar worked well.  I always prefer this kind of bun because it's fuller and you can add detail to it, but the high bun worked nicely.  However, I think a more neutral shade of lipstick would have worked better than the bright red.  This wasn't a unique dress by any means (Amber Glenn had a very similar one this year) but the overall effect was exactly what Frank wanted: a clean and classic look.  Mission accomplished.

3. Akiko Suzuki: "Phantom of the Opera"

Akiko had more FS costumes this season than anyone else.  It seemed like she couldn't...make up...her mind! She had one dress at SC, another at NHK, yet another at nationals and then another at worlds.  I thought all of them were nice but this one in particular was my favorite.  I loved all of the flowers and jewels on the bodice.  The colors were so pretty and looked so beautiful against the pearl white color of the dress.  I loved the trail of jewels down the bodice and the simplicity of the skirt.  It was a simple but very elegant dress and I thought Akiko looked lovely in it.

2. Julia Lipnitskaya: "Schindler's List"

This dress was a stroke of genius when it came to tying in Julia's "Schindler's List" theme.  The idea behind the whole program is that she's portraying the little girl in the red naturally, that was the best choice for her dress.  The color looked nice on her and the darker shading they added around the details on the front, back and to the collar and cuffs really gave the dress some dimension.  I liked the scalloped sheer gray layer of the skirt and the gray gloves worked perfectly.  It really did look like a coat and gloves.  This was a very well-executed costume that highlighted the character and story of the program. Without a doubt, Julia was the best dressed Russian lady of the year.

1. Ashley Wagner: "Samson & Delilah"

I really loved Ashley's second "Romeo & Juliet" dress, but I have to go with the dress from her revamped version of "Samson & Delilah." It was similar to her dress from last season but I think this one tops it.  It was stunning!  The sweetheart neckline always looks great on Ashley and I loved the details on the bust of this dress.  The darker shade of yellow over the light shade created a nice effect; it almost looked like lace.  I loved the two strands of "pearls" that draped down from the torso and the design and detailing on the stomach was gorgeous and even wrapped around to the back. They kept the necklace idea from the last dress but went even beyond that and really blinged it out.  The whole thing shimmered and sparkled.  I have no idea how much she paid for this but it sure as hell looked expensive!  She was absolutely gorgeous.

Honorable Mention

Polina Edmunds: "Peer Gynt"

This was a nice dress for Polina. I liked the soft color, the simple detailing across the front and the draped necklace as well as the racerback details in the back and the layering of the skirt.  I could have done without all of the hair jewelry though.  There's something distinctly junorish about that...hopefully she'll get rid those out next year.

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So that's it for the fashion review part of Off Season Fun, but fear not!  There is plenty more to come!


  1. I actually hated Gracie's new Sleeping Beauty. It looked like a blue version of Mirai's FS dress when she first won junior nationals.

  2. Akiko's dress makes me wish I was a woman, just so I could try that gorgeous piece on.