Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Off Season Fun: 2013-2014 Season Photo Album

And now, for the last bit Off Season Fun.  It's time for my second annual Season Photo Album.  Here are some of the pictures and moments from the past season:

"Yu-Na Kim, your hair smells great! What conditioner do you use?"

Gracie Gold was in shock after her great FS at nationals

Julia Lipnitskaya could hardly contain her excitement at seeing her scores

The fabulousness of Carolina Kostner on full display

Yep...that's a picture of Mao Asada on a plane.  She's got it like that.

Elena Radionova's "Zombie Dance" exhibition was all kinds of quirky fun

We saw a flash of that old Mirai Nagasu...she's still in there somewhere

Say what you will, but Adelina Sotnikova skated her heart out

Valentina Marchei werking the attitude...

Ashley Wagner proved to everyone (and herself) that she deserved her Olympic spot

Samantha Cesario = FIERCE!!

Mao achieved her Olympic moment and touched everyone's heart in the process

What should be the caption for this picture of Gracie, Ashley and Jeremy?

The final handshake between Akiko Suzuki and her longtime coach Hiroshi Nagakubo

Okay, how cute is this picture of Elena going for a hug from Mao?  

Carolina and Adelina say, "Waassaaap!"

The Ashley face that launched a thousand memes

Carolina's "Ave Maria" was nothing short of heavenly

Two Russians on the European podium again

Kanako Murakami is not a pretty crier

The US had not one, but two Covergirls!  

Doesn't matter if it's gold, silver or bronze...Yu-Na is still the Queen

The 2014 world medalists

And that wraps up my 2013-2014 Off Season Fun series! 

2014-2015 Junior Grand Prix Season Begins

Believe it or not, the 2014-2015 season is about to get started!  The main event (the senior GP) is still several weeks away, but we've got the Junior Grand Prix to hold us over until then.  

The first of the seven events, JGP Courchevel, kicks off next week in France (August 20-24).  Junior world bronze medalist Evgenia Medvedeva (RUS) will headline the opener along with Amber Glenn (USA) and Da Bin Choi (KOR).  

I'll do my best to have another perfect season of posting and updating here at Naked Ice.  I managed to cover all of the events last season (both junior and senior) and plan on doing that again...if time permits.  Check back soon!

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