Thursday, July 23, 2015

Off Season Fun 2014-2015: Fashion Review - Free Skate

Off Season Fun continues onward!  Time for my favorite Free Skate looks from the 2014-2015 season...

5.  Mirai Nagasu: "Madame Butterfly"

I really liked this dress on Mirai.  This one was all about the detailing in the design on the front.  The butterfly wing pattern across the bodice is so intricate and beautiful.  From afar it just looked like white jewels but up close you could see different colors: white, blues, pinks and even gold.  They did a fairly decent job of matching the flesh colored material to Mirai's skin tone though it could have been better.  I liked all of the embellished jewel patterns on the arms and wrists of the dress as well as the back.  Mirai's sleek bun and subtle makeup really pulled the look together.  I thought she looked lovely.

4.  Elena Radionova:  "Rachmaninoff"

I defend my love for this dress by pointing out that it is a Monet.  If my "Clueless" reference went over your head, that means that from a distance it looks nice, but up close it's a bit of a mess.  That's what this dress was for me.  Up close the heavy pearl and jewel detailing on the chest and arms didn't look good...the ruching on the top of the bodice and the draped part on the side with the ruched/ruffled part around the hips and on the back was overkill, though I did like the high-low skirt (shorter in the front, longer in the back).  Up close, there was just too much going on...but when Elena was on the ice, everything seemed to work.  I really loved that color on her and the dress shimmered and sparkled when she moved.  I loved her high topknot and the layered headband; I thought she looked beautiful.  Like so many things concerning Elena, there was something so wrong about this dress that it ended up being right...for me at least.

3.  Satoko Miyahara:  "Miss Saigon"

I loved this dress on Satoko.  The color was beautiful on her and seemed to fit her "Miss Saigon" free skate perfectly.  I really liked the high neck style on her.  Given her size, I would have thought it would make her look smaller but it looked great.  The silver and gold flower designs on the bodice were simple and not overdone.  They added just the right amount of detail to the dress and against the red color.  I loved the sheer sleeves and the open back as well.  Satoko's subtle makeup and classic bun (with a red ribbon for color) tied the whole look together.  I thought she looked regal and elegant.

2.  Ashley Wagner:  "Moulin Rouge"

Diva Wagner really knows how to shine.  I absolutely loved this dress.  She always looks great in red and this particular shade was amazing on her.  I loved all of the jewel details along the neckline and down the front of the bodice as well as the individual jewels all over the dress.  The main attraction of this piece, however, was the bedazzled chandelier necklace.  It was gorgeous!  It added the perfect amount of Moulin Rouge glitz and glamour.  Ashley started off the season with Daenerys blond hair but thankfully she toned it down by the time nationals rolled around.  The blond hair with the red dress and her signature red lip...Diva Wagner was super fierce!

1.  Maria Sotskova:  "Funny Face/Breakfast at Tiffany's"

I fell in love with this dress the instant I saw it. A Tiffany blue dress for a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" program...I'm sold!  I thought this dress was SO gorgeous.  I loved the jewel encrusted sweetheart neckline bodice under the sheer high collared top.  I do think they could have done a much better job matching the flesh colored material to Maria's skin; it's way too dark.  I liked the open back and single layered skirt, and I thought the belt at the waist was a nice touch.  Maria's high bun and natural makeup were the perfect touches to complete this elegant look...if only she would have nixed those ugly gloves.  Oh well.  Still, I thought she looked beautiful and this dress gets top honors from me this season.

Honorable Mention

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva:  "Sandstorm"

Aaah...the magic muumuu. I think half the reason I accepted this costume was because I was so thrilled to see Liza T in something other than black.  The diagonal V-neckline worked well on her and I liked all of the little gold embellishments.  I didn't like the billowy sleeves or the sarong style skirt.  The dress reminded me of one of those cover ups you wear over your swimsuit at the beach; I didn't care for it.  However, it did grow on me over the course of the season.  Liza T tried something different and it worked for her, so for that I say kudos.  I just hope she doesn't end up starting a trend.  If muumuus become popular I may have to step away from this sport...

Who had your favorite free skate look of the season?  Don't forget to vote on the poll!

Off Season Fun is just getting started!  Coming up next: my favorite SPs from the 2014-2015 season.  Ta for now!


  1. Nice post! I agree with most of your choices. But I'm a bit confused with the Elena Radionova one. In your GPF post you said that you loved her new dress so why did you not put that one here?

  2. When I saw Sotskova's dress it became my favorite too! It's just gorgeous.... (And I wouldn't be afraid to wear it off ice!)