Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Legendary Tale of Kwan...

I speak of the legend of Kwan on this, the day of her birth...

All Hail the Kween...

And yea, all those in the Land of Kwan did fall unto their knees, blessing the anniversary of the day the heavens opened up and the Kwan was bestowed upon the earth, 35 summers ago.  The glorious Kwan ruled the realm of the figure skaters for nigh a decade, amassing national, world and Olympic medals during her reign...bequeathing overmany treasured moments and inspiring future skaters and champions..  

Yea, the Kween left a fullsome legacy in her wake...but naught lasts forever.  

Forsooth, the Kwan hath departed from the Land of Kwan for o'er ten summers!  The absence of the Kween hath been felt by her loyal and humble subjects.  No longer dost the sun shine as brightly, nor dost the song sound as sweet...Verily the Kween departed from her land, taking her resplendent gifts and talents, pure light and flat-out awesomeness to share with the peoples of other lands. 

Yea, the Kwan hath left her Kwandom, but the marvelous gifts she bequeathed during her reign will live on forever in the hearts and minds of those who love her dearly.  And on this day, we remember the birth of the Kwan and raise our voices in adoration and cry: Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! All hail the Kween! All hail the Kween! Long live the Kween! Long live the Kween!

Happy Birthday Michelle


  1. A lovely and worthy tribute!

    --Rick In San Jose

  2. Beautiful! So proud to share my birthday with the Kween!

  3. Wonder what'd be like with her in scene this season....

  4. When r u posting the off season fun?