Sunday, July 17, 2016

Off Season Fun 2015-2016: Fashion Review - Free Skate

Moving right along, now it's time for my favorite Free Skate looks from last season.

5. Satoko Miyahara: "Un Sopiro"

I wasn't sure if I liked this dress when I first saw it.  I mean the fuchsia/pink color is somewhat on the loud color side (in my opinion) and I typically don't care for those.  However, once I took a closer look I was able to really appreciate the uniqueness of the dress.  The sweet heart neckline bodice is split into two: one side is ruched, the other is accented with crystals.  At first I thought it was too much but it actually creates a nice effect.  I loved the sheer sleeves and the open back.  The skirt is multi-layered and very ruffly, fluffy and full...but it works!  Satoko tied everything together with simple makeup and a classic bun and flower.  Very nicely done.

4. Evgenia Medvedeva: "W.E. Soundtrack"

I'm usually on the fence about most of Evgenia's dresses but this one was nice.  Unlike some of her countrymen this dress was very much on the simple side.  I liked the bluish lavender color and thought it looked very nice on her.  The lacy flower design on the bodice of the dress was lovely and I liked the three-quarter sleeves and the gloves as well.  The crystal detailing on the dress doesn't follow the pattern of the flowers but the cascading effect from the neckline down was really pretty.  The hair and makeup were lovely and she looked beautiful.  Simple is definitely the way to go for Evgenia...hopefully she'll pass that message on to a few of her Russian teammates.

3.  Mirai Nagasu: "Great Gatsby"

In terms of an outfit really tying it all together, this was the best in my opinion.  Mirai's "Great Gatsby" program was a mashup of music from the movie soundtrack which did make it a bit tough to follow.  However, throwing this gorgeous dress on top of the program helped the entire thing to make more sense.  I loved the sparkly crystal detailing across the bust and bodice of this one but the accessories were what brought this look together.  The bracelets were lovely and that headband with the ponytail really gave it that flapper look.  I loved her makeup and I loved the whole look.  She was gorgeous!

2. Elena Radionova: "Titanic"

Elena had not one or two but three dresses for her free skate this year.  I really wish she had stopped at number two.  I loved the first one (loved the ombre color, the pink sash around the waist, just gorgeous) but I really loved the second one.  To me this one fit in more with her "Titanic" program...that terrible, terrible program...I digress.  I thought this black and grey dress was beautiful. I could totally see some starlet wearing something like that on a red carpet.  The light grey dress with the black lace overlay was lovely.  The sheer sleeves and the open V-shaped back and black sash were amazing.  The gloves were a low point as was her somewhat heavy contouring (blend ladies, you must blend) but overall she looked beautiful.  For the life of me I can't understand why she didn't wear this dress to Worlds...

1. Ashley Wagner: "Moulin Rouge"

The inspiration for this dress was lifted from the movie "Moulin Rouge."  Though she can't take all of the credit Ashley's dressmaker does get a hell of a lot.  This dress was stunning!  The sweetheart neckline always looks great on Ashley and, holy mother of tedium, all of that intricate gold and silver beading on the bodice must have taken weeks!  It was amazing.  I loved the chandelier necklace effect on the dress but what I loved even more was how the beading and crystals on the necklace actually matched Ashley's hair color.  That was so awesome!  Ashley's hair and makeup were on point (as always)...she just looked incredible.  Definitely my favorite free skate look of the season. 

Worst FS Look of the Season

Elena Radionova: "Titanic"

How do you have two gorgeous dresses to pick from and yet you pick this monstrosity?  I have no idea what in the hell Elena was thinking but this dress was hideous.  The collar and bows and the pink/yellow/green and the yellow gloves...I just...I can't. The cheesy program with the "ombre cotton candy dog barf" dress was just too much.  I pray she burned this abomination the second she took it off.  *shudders*

That's it for the fashion portion of Off Season Fun.  Next up, my favorite Short Programs.  Later!

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