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Off Season Fun 2015-2016: Fashion Review - Short Program

My Off Season Fun series is 5 years old! I can't believe I've managed to keep this going for that long.  Well here's to 5 more years!  This is my favorite way to waste time during the summer.  As usual, I'll kick things off with my Fashion Review.  First up, my favorite Short Program looks:

5. Maria Sotskova: "Black Magic Woman"

Maria decided to channel a sassy sexy vibe with this program and dress.  This was very unlike anything else we saw on the junior level last season which immediately made it stand out for me.  The mesh-lace bodice was rather daring (especially for a junior) and so was the peekaboo bedazzled bustier.  I gotta give Maria props: she went all out with this look but it all worked for me.  I liked the fringed skirt, and the arm bands and bracelets really added to the edgy feel.  She didn't have the red lip but the ponytail and general vibe of the program reminded me of Ashley Wagner's "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" and I dug it.  Rock on Maria.

4. Anna Pogorilaya: "Bolero for Violin and Orchestra"

I don't particularly know why but I really loved this dress on Anna.  It's a pretty simple dress when you look at it...that's probably why I like it.  Anna's dresses can be a bit Russian (i.e. way overdone) but this one didn't fall into that category.  I liked the darker maroon color on her and the overlapping bands created an interesting effect across the bodice of the dress.  The skirt of this dress was very different but it worked well with the overall look.  Anna is Russian supermodel gorgeous so it didn't take much more than simple makeup and a bun to pull the look together.  I thought she looked great.

3. Elena Radionova: "Je t'aime"

You don't get a lot of peach dresses so this one definitely stood out to me.  I loved the beading and crystals on the bust and on the back of the dress.  Another stand out for this one was the length.  The high low style (shorter in the front, longer in the back) looked great on Elena and it flowed very nicely as well.  I tend to hate her gloves but the fact that they broke the line of the gloves up with the "bracelets" on her wrists worked well.  I do think Elena (and a few other Russians) need to learn the art of blending the makeup when it comes to contouring their cheekbones, but the top knot bun pulled the look together well.  It was a very mature and lovely look for her.

2. Satoko Miyahara: "Firedance"

I loved this little red number on Satoko.  The program and dress reminded me a bit of Michelle Kwan's "Romanza" SP and, for the record, that's a great thing.  I think it was the Spanish vibe combined with the red lace...whatever it was I loved it!  I really liked the V-neckline and the open back as well as the layered asymmetrical skirt.  The wide cuffs on the sleeves of the dress really added that Spanish flair and Satoko's simple makeup and bun (complete with red flower) tied the whole look together.  Loved it!

1. Polina Edmunds: "Moonlight Sonata"

This was definitely my favorite SP look of the season.  The style of the dress is very simple and basic...but the ombre effect of the colors and the details on the dress are what made me fall in love.  I love the color blue and this dress had a lovely blend of blues and greens on the bodice.  The crystal beading all over the bodice and the detailing on the back of the dress made the whole thing sparkle beautifully.  I also loved the layered skirt which, again, had a lovely blend of different blues and greens on each layer.  Polina's complementary makeup and simple/elegant bun gave her a stunning and mature look on the ice.  Gorgeous!

Worst SP Look of the Season

Julia Lipnitskaya: "Elvis Presley Medley"

I'm not too sure what was going on with Julia when she/her team picked this dress but this was not a good choice.  It looked like a drunk rainbow vomited all over her...or maybe what you'd expect colors to look like if you were on a horrible acid trip.  Whatever it was, it was terrible.  The hair was really cute but the crazy rainbow tie-dye colors with the blue belt, blue gloves and halfway over-the-boot tights...this was a "gawd, no" on so many levels.  Luckily Julia wised up and switched dresses midway through the season...but my eyes cannot un-see this.  Do better Julia.  You're far too pretty to be dressed so horribly.

Next up, my favorite Free Skate looks.  Check back soon!

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  1. Aw, Julia's dress wasn't that bad, it was actually kinda cute. Love the Off Season Fun anyway
    P.S: Where did the free skating review go? :O