Sunday, July 23, 2017

Off Season Fun 2016-2017: Fashion Review - Short Program

It's that time again!  We're about halfway through the summer off season which means it's time for my Off Season Fun series of posts.  I always love going back and reviewing some of my favorite looks, programs and moments from the past season.  First up, my favorite short program looks!

5. Kaetlyn Osmond: "Sous le Ciel de Paris"

Kaetlyn's dress really complemented her program well. I loved the dark blue-purple color of the dress.  The sheer v-neck empire bust worked well with the sparkly spiral embellishments on the bodice of the dress.  The skirt was simple and plain compared to the rest which added a nice balance to the overall look.  I think the scarf and gloves were the perfect touch and Kaetlyn's hair and makeup were lovely.  This was an example of some great packaging: music, choreography and costuming.  She looked sophisticated and mature and I loved it!

4. Elena Radionova: "Porgy & Bess"

I wasn't sure when I first saw it but I got a second look and decided I really liked this dress.  I loved the black sheer sleeves and the gold horizontal accents on the bodice.  What really made this one stand out was the fringe.  I guess you can call it fringe though it seemed lighter than feather fringe.  I loved the a sparse feather fringe on the bodice and the full high-low black and gold feather fringed skirt.  Elena's small bouffant-bun and smokey eye pulled the whole look together.  It was a unique and different look for Elena and I thought she looked gorgeous.

3. Ashley Wagner: "Sweet Dreams"

I wasn't the biggest fan of this program but I am a pretty big fan of this dress.  Ashley's designer Lisa McKinnon knows how to make Ashley look amazing.  This was one of the most asymmetrical dresses I've ever seen her wear but it all worked in such an edgy and fun way.  I loved all of the jeweled detailing on the collar, shoulder and cuff as well as the horizontal detailing on the bodice.  The dark blue color looked great on Ashley and I loved the pop of lighter blue fabric on the skirt as well.  Ashley's darker hair, smokey eye and signature red lip and ponytail made this look one of the best of the season.

2. Mirai Nagasu: "Nocturne No. 20"

Several of Mirai's dresses over the past few season have been rather bling heavy.  This dress was extra blingy but I think it was absolutely gorgeous.  The sweetheart neckline looked lovely on Mirai and the asymmetrical skirt was simple and elegant but holy bedazzler! The detail on this dress was incredible! The neck and back are blinged out in a beautiful chandelier necklace and the entire bodice is encrusted in jewels as well.  The dress is gorgeous and must have taken weeks to complete.  Mirai's hair and makeup topped off the look perfectly.  She looked so elegant and regal.  Loved it!

1. Mao Asada: "Ritual Fire Dance"

This was such an amazing look for Mao to go out on. It reminded me of a dress Michelle Kwan wore in 2001 for her "Black Swan" program, only with more dimension. The bodice looked like sharp splayed feather plumes; it gave the dress a dark and edgy look which is exactly what they were going for.  The skirt was fabulous!  I liked the sheer fabric and how it looked as if it were pieces instead of one asymmetrical skirt.  Mao switched to a ponytail later in the season but my favorite hairstyle was the sleek bun.  Combined with her dramatic eye makeup and red lip, she looked absolutely stunning.  Like the program itself this look was something new and out of the box for Mao and I loved it.  This was definitely my favorite look of the season.

Worst of the Season 

Alena Leonova: "It's Oh So Quiet"

I don't know if there's any story behind this or what but the fact that Alena showed up to competitions looking like she'd just come from a Halloween party was a problem for me.  She's had her share of spew-worthy costumes but this one was a new level of bad.  I have no idea what she was thinking.  The outfit, the ponytails, the pink and blue hair spray, the bad eye makeup...WT-actual-F?  A Harley Quinn clown skating to Bjork...that was definitely one for the ages.

So which skater had your favorite look?  Make sure to vote on the poll!  Next up, my favorite free skate looks!

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