Sunday, July 30, 2017

Off Season Fun 2016-2017: Fashion Review - Free Skate

Off Season Fun chugs along.  Next up my favorite free skate looks from last season.

5. Anna Pogorilaya: "Modigliani Suite"

Anna makes the list with this dress because in my opinion it was the most unique dress in the field.  I think draped-ruched style of this halter dress was very different and something I haven't seen before.  I liked the gray and fushia color combination as well as the black band/belt that ran around the middle and the bit of "skin" it showed in the center. Anna always looks like a supermodel to me so her combination of hair and makeup were just lovely.  I really loved this look on her.

4. Mao Asada: "Ritual Fire Dance"

I've seen skaters in sexy red dresses like this one before but this was Mao in a sexy red dress.  Mao surprised me so much last season by showing us a side of her that we hadn't really seen before.  This deep v-neck lacey red number was definitely not what I expected to see Mao wearing but I loved it!  The three-quarter sleeves and wrapped skirt worked perfectly and Mao's hair and makeup were all kinds of beautiful.  I thought she looked knockout gorgeous.

3. Ashley Wagner: "Exogensis"

Ashley had two dresses for her "Exogensis" program but the first one was my favorite.  I thought the white and gray color fit the mood of the music better than the darker dress, though I do think the dark dress was absolutely beautiful as well.  The light to dark gray ombre was beautiful and all of the sparkly elements were lovely.  Ashley switched up her hair and makeup at times but I liked when she wore her hair down with a lighter color lip.  As always, Diva Wagner looked amazing.

2. Evgenia Medvedeva: "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"

I thought this was a really nice look on Evgenia.  Her skating is often very animated and dramatic so the fact her costumes are somewhat understated gives her a nice balance.  I like the gray to pink ombre effect of this dress as well as the long sleeves and single layer sheer skirt.  The cut out design around the neck and back as well as the sparkle detailing were the perfect amount of character for this look.  Evgenia's hair and makeup were simple and elegantly done and complemented the look well.

1. Gracie Gold: "Daphnis and Chloe"

The design of the dress was rather basic: long sleeves, high neck, sweetheart neckline dress.  Even the sparkly elements on the neck, bodice and wrist were nothing new.  The thing that made this dress stand out was the color and the way it sparkled like crazy when she moved.  It's always a bold choice to wear gold and it seems like most skaters tend to avoid it.  But I guess Gracie Gold decked out in gold was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. When she moved the entire outfit shimmered and sparkled like a diamond.  It was gorgeous!  The color looked beautiful on her and her hair and makeup were elegant and beautiful as well.  It wasn't her best season but this was definitely her best look.

Honorable Mention

Laurine Lecavelier: "Grease Soundtrack"

Hats off to Laurine for being the only woman in the field to have a wardrobe change midway through her free skate.  I thought this was a brilliant idea and Laurine and her team executed it perfectly.  I wonder if we'll see more mid program wardrobe changes in the future?  If so, Laurine can say she did it first.

Which look was your favorite?  Make sure to vote!  More Off Season Fun to come. Next up will be my favorite programs from last season. Check back soon!

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