Sunday, December 18, 2011

Long Live the Kween!!

Hall of Fame Class of 2012: Michelle Kwan

Michelle Kwan will be inducted into the Figure Skating Hall of Fame next year in San Jose, CA--the site where she began her historic march to 9 US titles back in 1996.  Of course we all knew this was coming...duh.  I mean, it's Michelle Kwan!

End of 2011-2012 Grand Prix Thoughts

I'm so behind!!  Thanks to new responsibility at work (and stupid internet restrictions) I'm no longer able to update my blog while I sit at work waiting for something to do.  So, expect my postings to be a lot less frequent than they were a few months ago.  I don't want to shut it down because I really enjoy brain-dumping about skating on this blog, so I'll keep it up and do what I can to keep it going.

The 2011-2012 Grand Prix Final Medalists

I'm so far behind on posting and commenting that I'll just skip trying to do a complete review for all of the events. Instead, here's my quick thoughts on everyone at the end of the Grand Prix season: