Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello, hey and whaddup y'all!  This is my first  entry on my blog, "Naked Ice."  Get your minds out of the gutter--it's not that kind of naked.  This blog will be all about ladies' figure skating: my love and occasional hate for the sport and the skaters who make it great awful.  I spend so much time at various figure skating blogs (FSU, Golden Skate, YNKF, MKF, MAF, etc.) I figured it'd be a good idea to compile all of my thoughts in one place.  Hell, it's free, so why not?  I'll give it a shot for a while and if it doesn't work out, oh well.  Like I said, it was free.

While I do like men's, pairs and ice dance, I don't pay enough attention to those disciplines to rant as competently as I can when it comes to the ladies.  I've been a figure skating fan for all but eight years of my life, so I have knowledgeable (albeit somewhat biased) opinion when it comes to skating.  I'll try to stay as objective as I can and keep the snark to a minimum...FYI, those last two statements were a total lie.

With the season a little more the two months away things will be quiet for a while, but look for it to pick up soon.  I'll cover the senior and junior ladies' events and any gossip/news/crap that comes up in between.  Til later...

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