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2017-2018 Off Season Fun: Top Fashion Looks + Top 5 Favorite SPs & FSs

Hi all!  It's time for Off Season Fun, YAAAY!  Given it's a bit late this year, I'm only doing two posts.  Still, it should be fun.  First up, Fashion Review and Top 5 Favorite programs for both the SP and FS...all in one!

2017-2018 Fashion Review - Top Looks

Short Program

Winner - Ashley Wagner

This dress was all kinds of gorgeous and might be my favorite SP dress of hers ever.  Gorgeous gold accents, I loved the jewel toned ombre color and the asymmetrical skirt of the dress.  Ashley's sleek ponytail and smokey eye made the whole look pop.  My favorite of the season!

Honorable Mention
Elena Radionova: It was like art deco meets flapper style.  I thought she looked amazing!
Starr Andrews:  This looked perfect on her.  Definitely the best bodysuit of the season!

Free Skate

Winner - Dabin Choi

I don't know what it was about this dress but I remember saying "Ooooh" when I saw it.  The neckline was lovely and the color was gorgeous on Dabin.  All of the crystal accents on the bodice were what really made this one stand out.  I thought Dabin looked stunning.

Honorable Mention
Evgenia Medvedeva:  These dresses were almost too much...but for some reason they still work for me.
Ashley Wagner: Loved this Valentino inspired dress.  The color, the star accents...everything.  Beautiful!

2017-2018 Top 5 Favorite Programs

Short Program

5. Alena Kostornaia - Adios Nonino
I'm a huge fan of Alena, especially her style.  She's controlled, smooth and elegant and not at all like your typical Eteri skater.  There's a real maturity and polish to her that the majority of skaters her age lack.  I wouldn't have expected her to pull off this music but she did and did it brilliantly.

4. Marin Honda - The Giving
Marin is a dream to watch.  There's this lovely smoothness and ease to her skating that is so gorgeous. I loved this music and thought it fit Marin's style perfectly.  The jumps weren't always working but when they did, she was able to cast a spell with this program.

3. Wakaba Higuchi - Gypsy Dance
This program showcased Wakaba's versatility and really illustrated to me how much she's grown.  The music went from dramatic to light to energetic and fun.  Wakaba was able to bring something different to each part of the program.  Loved this one!

2. Carolina Kostner - No me quitte pas
This was Carolina in her element.  She brings so much emotion and depth to her performances and it was amazing to watch.  Beautiful choreography paired with the epicness of Celine Dion's voice made this program one of my all-time favorites from Carolina. Her performance at Worlds in Milan was one of her best ever.

1. Satoko Miyahara - Memoirs of a Geisha
This program is in the running for best SP of the quad for me.  The choreography, the music selections, the delivery...this was nothing short of a masterpiece.  Satoko continues to find ways to blow my mind.  Absolutely stunning program and my favorite of the season.

Honorable Mention

Emmy Ma - One More Try: If you don't watch the JGP you may have missed this one.  This SP was a perfect example of movement illustrating music.  So few people who use lyrics do this and it kills the effectiveness and point of even having lyrics.  Hats off to the choreographer, Jamie Isley, and to Emmy for delivering this gem so beautifully.

Free Skate

5. Ashley Wagner - La La Land
I think it was a major mistake not to use this program from the beginning.  This was a lighter and fresher feel for Ashley and brought out a different side of her performance.  I hate that she only got to perform this once competitively.

4. Evgenia Medvedeva - Anna Karenina
I really loved this program for Evgenia mainly because it felt so different from everything else she'd ever done.  I enjoyed the range of emotions she was able to portray during the program and her performance in Pyeongchang was the best I've ever seen from her.

3. Kaetlyn Osmond - Swan Lake/Black Swan
I know there were mixed feelings about this one but I loved it.  I thought the intensity and drama of the music matched well with Kaetlyn's powerful style.  There were beautiful choreographic touches throughout and the program was very effective, especially when she skated well.

2. Satoko Miyaraha - Madame Butterfly
There have been a million Madam Butterflies over the last couple of years but this was a definite standout for me.  Amazing attention to detail and masterful delivery, as always.  Oh Tiny Queen, we are not worthy...

1. Wakaba Higuchi - Skyfall
This program was a showstopper.  Hats off to Shae-Lynn Bourne for this masterpiece.  I thought the music edits were brilliant and the pacing of the program was just perfect.  Wakaba brought this quiet intensity to the performance and then just exploded with all of the passion and emotion at the end.  Fantastic delivery, awesome program and my favorite of the year.

Honorable Mention

Alina Zagitova - Don Quixote:  Let me be clear: I did not like this program.  I found it completely snooze-worthy for the first two minutes and nothing but a display of jumps beyond that...however, that display was rather spectacular.  As the jumps were landed in time with the music it built this kind of energy that you really couldn't help but be impressed by.  I have to give respect where respect is due. #HellaRespect  But I did not like this program...

I've got one more post for Off Season Fun coming soon: My Top 5 Favorite Things from the past four seasons.  Check back soon!

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