Thursday, September 8, 2011

2011 JGP Brisbane: Ladies SP

JGP Brisbane has brought a few surprises!  I haven't had time to watch everything yet, so I'll comment on the performances later.  For now, here are the standings and videos of the top 4 ladies:

Hae-Jin Kim (KOR)

Courtney Hicks (USA)

Vanessa Lam (USA)

Risa Shoji (JPN)

Head on over to my new favorite YouTube channel (ISUJGP2011) to see all of the ladies' performances.  I will say that Hae-Jin Kim landing in first is a pleasant surprise for me.  Like most, I figured Lam, Hicks and Shoji would be jockeying for that top spot.  I've seen video of her prior to this and I thought she had potential, so it's nice to see her making a splash on the JGP scene.  If she maintains her composure and has a decent FS, it'll be interesting to see what the final standings look like...

I'll try to give a full review once this thing goes final!

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